Rant of the Day: Techno Babes

I have a tendency to rant in real life over stupid things that I don’t understand. Welcome to my first rant for the blog.

Can someone please explain to me why children (youngin’s I mean, not pre-teens or teenagers) need techno gadgets? I don’t mean those little Leapfrog things that are clearly made specifically for young children, but rather things like cell phones, laptops, and iPads.

For those of you who don’t have children or aren’t around children (which would normally be me), parents and family are apparently buying these things for their little ones. I know because I’ve seen 6 or 7 year olds walking around the grocery store and mall with cell phones — either talking or texting (these kids can barely spell on paper. Is this how we got text speak?).  And now my own parents have gotten my 6-year-old nephew an iPad mini for Christmas.

Let me repeat that: My parents got my SIX YEAR OLD nephew an IPAD MINI for Christmas.

I’m sorry, but my 6-year-old nephew does not need an iPad mini. Why in the world would you give a $300 portable machine to a 6-year-old who still thinks that the way to get something to work is to punch it, shake it, or throw it on the ground?

And what’s he even going to do with it? “Sorry Mommy, I can’t take a bath right now. I gotta go FaceTime my peeps and download some AC/DC on iTunes.” He does play on his parents’ iPad a lot but it’s to play Angry Birds (which he is scary good at. He has beaten my high score on my phone a LOT).  But all this means is that my parents just bought him a $300 Angry Birds video game.

By the time he’s even old enough to appreciate what he’s got it’s going to be obsolete. There are already apps that don’t work on our first gen iPad because of the advancements in technology FROM TWO YEARS AGO.

And the thing is, I know some of my anger is due to jealously. I don’t have an iPad mini. I don’t have an iPad 3. Or even an iPad 2. I happen to have the first generation iPad which I  only have because my Dad gave it to my husband when he upgraded to the iPad 2.

The best piece of technology in my house is my 4-year-old laptop that takes about 20 minutes to boot up and is starting to have an increasingly worrisome amount of blue screens of death. It was one of the first purchases I made with my husband after we got married, and replaced the 4-year-old laptop I had at the time which I used in law school and had been so tough on that the screen of the laptop finally just gave up and separated from the base during my 3rd year. The repair guy who fixed it stated he had never seen one completely separate like that before.

I bet I was easier on that laptop than my nephew will be on his iPad mini.


4 thoughts on “Rant of the Day: Techno Babes

  1. I teach high school, and anytime I want advice on the best technology to buy, I ask my students since half of them will have the toys long before I will. I’m a bit slower with acquisition because I’m the one paying for them instead of finding them in my stocking. 🙂

  2. it does sound very elaborate and its probably not the right present but there are a ton of educational apps in the app store for all ages and if the parents use the iPad and set up restrictions on it so your nephew cant access things he shouldn’t then it could be an excellent present with the aid of the parents. All the typical advertised features you mention like face time and music etc are probably lost on him but don’t underestimate how useful a tool they are for education, books, and games (both educational and fun). For how delicate they look hey are also pretty robust, thy should take quite a bit of abuse from your nephew lol!

  3. I totally agree!! I have seen more kids with more advanced technology then me…..and I’m probably 3X their age. Of course though, this comes out of a place of jealously! 🙂 But still cannot believe kids have gadgets the cost of a monthly car payment. I was always happy with my Slinky! 🙂

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