Favorite Things: The Thanksgiving Letter

The holidays are rife with tradition. Thanksgiving is no different: turkey, pie, stuffing, the Macy’s parade, and football. All nice traditions. What’s my Thanksgiving tradition?

Re-reading The Thanksgiving Letter.

Now, I’m not trying to steal credit for something I didn’t write and this is not a letter from anyone in my family.  I stumbled upon this letter while perusing the Awesomely Awesome Awkward Family Photos. Seriously, check it out, it’s awesome.

Anyway, this letter is a tradition at Awkward Family Photos and they repost it every year and I eagerly go back to read it. As a queen of passive-aggressiveness myself, I cannot help but admire the Marney who wrote this letter.  Clearly, the family drives her crazy and she is just trying to have a nice Thanksgiving. I hope the rest of the family is equally passive-aggressive, though, and brought soup spoons instead of serving spoons, or brought their dishes in non-regulation size casserole dishes.  Or, heaven forbid, brought a Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay.

I’d really like to meet this family:

Update: Ha ha! look what somebody brought to our Thanksgiving:

Marney, is that you?


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